Residential Foundation Repair


Slab Homes (solid concrete foundation built on grade/ground)

Exterior Piers

3 Areas and Techniques

1. Exterior Piers

  • Combination steel/concrete
  • Achieve greater depths (avg 15-20 feet)
  • Available lifetime warranty
  • Push style

2. InteriorPiersInterior Piers

  • Locations for piers found  by scanning concrete with unique Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)
  • GPR can look through concrete to find where deeper ‘ Beams’ are to put piers under (90% of competitors don’t have this technology creating inaccurate solutions and estimates


3. Interior Slab Lifting Polyurethane Foam

  • Polyurethane Concrete Lifting to raise interior floor
  • Small “3/8” holes
  • Less potential damage to pipes


Pier-and-Beam Homes (wood floor foundation built off ground with crawl space, shallow piers, exterior concrete underpinning/footer, crawl space in closet or exterior)

1) Exterior Piers

         *same as above

2) Interior Shimming/Raising On Existing Shallow Piers in Crawl Space

         *excludes warranty

Block Homes ( built off ground with crawl space accessed from exterior)

  1. Add high strength concrete blocks and pads
  2. Shim/Elevate floor on top of existing shallow piers in crawl space (as detailed above)

note: optional approaches available


  • Seamless Aluminum Guttering
  • Leafguard
  • French Drains