photoProfessionally Analyzed with high tech, accurate Electronic Digital Readout measuring tool.


Solid concrete resting on the ground.

  • Exterior Repair
    • Piers Installed by digging on exterior and pushing Combination Concrete and Steel Designed Piers Benefits include:
      • Obtain greater depth, both tension and compression designs
      • Steel- penetrates deeper than other types: concrete only, drill/wet pour piers, helical tension design
      • Concrete- compression design
  • Interior Repair
    • High Density Foam injected under slab after drilling 3/8 inch holes in floor or wall base plate (mostly 3 year warranty with proper exterior homeowner maintenance)
    • Piers Installed- after finding deeper interior co
      ncrete beam with professional Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) (mostly Transferable Lifetime Warranty, see contract for details)
    • ziplevelMost companies drill holes to find interior beam for pier location, excessively damaging floors, inaccurate changing estimates due to not know where and how many beams are located therefore not knowing how many piers will be needed. This leads to ‘surprises’, increase cost, lower satisfaction.

Solid concrete perimeter underpinning footer, raised design, crawl space with door in closet, shallow interior piers shimmed under wood beams.

    • Mostly interior shimmed only to keep cost down
    • When needed, exterior piers installed (mostly lifetime warranty, see contract for details)
    • Interior crawl space is raised and shimmed on top of existing shallow concrete piers ( mostly no warranty, see contract for details)
  • GUTTERS – Seamless Aluminum
    • Rarely Clean Semi-Solid Design Available (
    • Heavy Duty Screen Style Available
    • Standard Deeper Style With Rock and Holed Plastic Pipe
    • Shallow Style Foam and Sand Design