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Solid concrete resting on the ground.

  • Exterior Repair
    • Piers Installed by digging on exterior and pushing Combination Concrete and Steel Designed Piers Benefits include:
      • Obtain greater depth, both tension and compression designs
      • Steel- penetrates deeper than other types: concrete only, drill/wet pour piers, helical tension design
      • Concrete- compression design
  • Interior Repair
    • High Density Foam injected under slab after drilling 3/8 inch holes in floor or wall base plate (mostly 3 year warranty with proper exterior homeowner maintenance)
    • Piers Installed (mostly Transferable Lifetime Warranty, see contract for details)ziplevel

Solid concrete perimeter underpinning footer, raised design, crawl space with door in closet, shallow interior piers shimmed under wood beams.

    • Mostly interior shimmed only to keep cost down
    • When needed, exterior piers installed (mostly lifetime warranty, see contract for details)
    • Interior crawl space is raised and shimmed on top of existing shallow concrete piers ( mostly no warranty, see contract for details)
  • GUTTERS – Seamless Aluminum
    • Rarely Clean Semi-Solid Design Available (
    • Heavy Duty Screen Style Available
    • Standard Deeper Style With Rock and Holed Plastic Pipe
    • Shallow Style Foam and Sand Design