Foundation Maintenance

photoHighly Expansive Soil of North Texas Requires Engineered Recommended Drainage Control Measures

  • Foundation must be maintained to insure proper maintenance of home and warranties
  • In dry season, water using soaker hoses 11/2 ft from house, water at a rate to keep no larger than 1/4″ ground gap at slab, do not over water as this will cause the soil to get muddy below deep concrete grade beam and house to settle
  • Proper Working Gutters with recommended length ground extensions
  • If gutters can not be kept cleaned, leaf guard is required
  • Maintain Positive Grade Ground Slope from structure. If adding soil, use clay like soils, not sand. This clay like soil will run water off in wet season.
  • If positive grade can not be achieved, French Drains must be installed
  • No pipe/slab leaks are to be present. Any settling occurring, we recommend a leak test to be performed, it’s worth the money
  •  Most leaks can NOT be detected by simply monitoring water bill, listening, or water meter spinner turning (smallest of leaks can cause major damage if left un-repaired)
French Drain

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