Notice: After hearing back from the finance company, please call or email us using the contact form. These company’s are independent and don’t always notify us.

We’ve teamed up with Hearth, the online marketplace for home improvement financing, Light Stream, and Lyon Financial to match you with competitive loan options that save you money and get your project done right.

Financing by Hearth

For Loans less than 20,000


For Loans greater than 20,000

Lyon Financial

  • Low rates
  • Loans up to $150,000
  • Multiple programs with terms up to 20 years
  • No consulting fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Programs available for those with credit scores of 640 and above
  • No equity or appraisals
  • Electronic documents for fast approvals
  • Partner with customer and contractor until pool is complete
  • Specializing in swimming pool financing since 1979